Toireasa Ferris elected to Tralee Local Electoral Area

Sinn Féin outgoing Cllr Toireasa Ferris has been elected on the fourth count of the Tralee Local Electoral Area, taking the second seat – Norma Foley of Fianna Fáil took the first seat this morning.


The candidate with the lowest number of votes, Independent Ted Cronin was eliminated – his 225 votes will now be distributed among the remaining 11 candidates.



Results of count 4 from the Tralee Local Electoral Area (the distribution of Bec Fahy’s 184 votes)


Ted Cronin (Independent) +12   225

Pa Daly (Sinn Féin) +11  1,167

Toireasa Ferris (Sinn Féin) +36   1,636

Jim Finucane (Fine Gael) +6   1,257

Mary Fitzgibbon (Aontú) +2   338

Cathal Foley (Sinn Féin) +5    674

Anne-Marie Fuller (Green Party) +45   753

Sam Locke (Independent) +11   862

Dr Bridget O’Brien (Fine Gael) +4   647

Terry O’Brien (Labour Party) +17   1,568

Mikey Sheehy (Fianna Fáil) +5   1,318

Ben Slimm (Labour) +11   443

Johnnie Wall (Fianna Fáil) +3   458


Cllr Ferris was initially co-opted to the Tralee area of Kerry County Council in 2003 to replace her father Martin due to the dual-mandate. She was then elected to the council the following year, and has retained her seat since.

She was co-opted onto Tralee Town Council in 2008 and elected the following year, but stepped down in 2012.


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