The Council to withdraw from tourist companies Boards

The Council is to withdraw from The Board of a number of tourist companies which they have a financial interest in. The decision was taken as part of the fallout over the Jeanie Johnston and The Council`s role in the project. After the completion of the Jeanie Johnston five times over budget, consultancy firm Mazars undertook a review of the ship building project and the role of the all the major stakeholders.One of their recommendations was that local authorities should no longer hold a seat on the board of a company which they have a financial stake in. Michael McMahon of Kerry County Council says they are now complying with this ruling. In order to avoid a conflict of interest the council representative will now hold a position on the committee of the company. Some of the projects affected include the tintean project in Ballybunion, the seanchai literary centre in listowel and a number of partnership companies.