Teagasc warn farmers they may face bleak future.

Dairy farmers in Kerry who fail to expand the scale of their operations over the next few years face a bleak financial future according to a Teagasc Dairy Advisor. The average middle income dairy farmer will lose 20% of their current income by 2008 unless measures are taken to secure another source of income. Farmers need to spend time planning financial aspects of their business if they are to continue to be viable into the future.According to David Cussen, Dairy Advisor with Teagasc, dairy farmers in Kerry will have to become more efficient at production, know the cost of producing a gallon of milk and plan the business structure that will deliver the most results. A conference on dairy farming heard that farmers in the county with 52 cows and 32 livestock units of cattle this year that earn 34 and a half thousand euro will earn 27,000 euro in 2008. Teagasc says over the next few years it will become increasingly important for dairy farmers in Kerry to learn more about the financial side of the business than manual work involved.