Teachers’ Union of Ireland conference hears need for significant pay increases

The annual conference of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland has heard there is a need for significant pay increases and to oppose tax cuts.

The conference began this morning in the INEC in Killarney and it will continue until Thursday.

General Secretary of the TUI John MacGabhann highlighted the issues in his address to the conference this afternoon.

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland represents both teachers and lecturers, hundreds of whom have made their way to Killarney for this week’s conference.

General Secretary of the TUI John MacGabhann gave his address this afternoon.

He outlined the many issues that the TUI have worked on over the past 12 months.

Mr MacGabhann also spoke about how schools are failing to find teachers to fill positions, and outlined the need for significant pay increases along with the need to oppose tax cuts which he says destroy public services.

The General Secretary also called for further investment in next year’s budget, while outlining the “abject, wilful failure” of government to tackle the housing crisis, saying it is a betrayal.

He told members they must let management, relevant agencies and politicians know that the TUI will not be ignored.

He praised members for their hard work and thanked them for all they do.

The conference is taking place in Killarney until Thursday.