Teachers unable to implement new PE Curriculum

80 per cent of primary teachers in the county say they will only be able to implement half of the new P.E. Curriculum because of inadequate facilities. Teachers are to receive training for the new curriculum next year and it`s expected it will be implemented the following year.However the vast majority of Kerry schools say they will not be in a position to take it up because of poor facilities. This survey undertaken by the I.N.T.O in three pilot areas, Donegal, Clare and Kerry highlights a lack of facilities for physical education. The schools surveyed were also a mix of large primary to smaller rural two teacher schools.70 per cent of schools in Kerry do not have a PE hall and teachers feel they are not ready to implement the new curriculum as a result. Teachers are now sending a message to government that PE cannot be taught from a book and without the facilities the new curriculum cannot go ahead. Of the six areas within the curriculum satisfaction levels with resource levels is highest for games at only 25 per cent and lowest for aquatics and adventure activities at 5 per cent.Teachers say that with surveys showing rising levels of obesity and an increased amount of time spent in front of the television the government must put extra funding into the area of games in school. They’re calling for the annual grant for pe equipment to be restored and increased substantially.