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Irish language activist says politicians are holding communities back in North

An activist from Northern Ireland says politicians are holding the communities there back and feeding fear around the Irish language.A group from the Loyalist...

Kerry money arrears officer says high-profile mortgage debt cases show how the system works

Recent high-profile cases involving mortgage debt write-offs show exactly how the system works.That's the view of Eamonn Foley a dedicated money arrears officer with...

Kerry’s percentage of vacant houses is twice the national average

The percentage of vacant homes in Kerry is twice the national average.Geo Directory has released its quarterly report, compiled from a database of over...

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Danny Leane – August 21st, 2019

Joe McGill’s guest on In Conversation was Boutique owner, award winning  Fashion Stylist,  Broadcastor, columnist, and regular on Deirdre Walsh’s Talk About Danny Leane.

Riddled with Dog Dirt & Dissident Republican Slogans – August 21st, 2019

The Lee River Walkway is a beautiful amenity which is very popular. However, some dog owners are not picking up after their pets defecate....

A Problem Shared – August 21st, 2019

Every Wednesday, Val and Tony give their thoughts on how they would approach listeners’ dilemmas.