Swimming pool opposed by 75% of Killarney Tourism and Commerce members.

78 per cent of Chamber of Tourism and Commerce members in Killarney want the Town Council to abandon the swimming pool. It’s another blow for the project which dropped its fundraiser last month after a poor take up. The Chamber decided to survey their members following the decision of the Town Council to use proceeds from the New Street development when the fundraiser failed.The 78 per cent opposed to the Leisure Centre Project is a strong indication of what Killarney’s ratepayers think. Their view on the centre comes ahead of a crucial month for its future. The Department of the Environment is due to make a decision on an application for a three-million euro loan and sports capital funding will be announced in the coming weeks. The Chamber say their members are not convinced about the swimming pool, but would like to see a dry complex go ahead. It remains to be seen if the Town Council takes heed.