Survey shows mainly positive experience by UHK patients

79% of University Hospital Kerry patients had a positive experience during their stay.

That’s according to the National Patient Experience Survey, which also show that improvements are needed in confidence and trust in staff, and the explanation of the risks and benefits of operations.

483 people who were discharged from University Hospital Kerry during the month of May were all invited to take part in this survey; 239 or 49% of them completed it.

Most participants had a positive overall experience; 79% of patients said they had a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ experience, compared with 84% nationally.

UHK received similar scores to the national average across every stage of care, and participant ratings were generally more positive than 2017.

Areas of good experience include patients receiving enough information on how to manage their condition after discharge, and taking medication at home.

Several areas needing improvement were also identified; a number of participants felt the risks and benefits of a procedure they were due to undergo weren’t explained clearly.

Some patients didn’t have confidence and trust in the hospital staff treating them, and several felt they weren’t treated with respect and dignity.

The findings of the survey will be used to help UHK improve the experiences of patients in the hospital.