Survey shows 50% of people in Listowel drink to hazardous levels

Fifty per cent of people surveyed in Listowel drink to hazardous levels.

That’s according to a study of more than 700 households in Listowel town into alcohol use and harm; it was conducted last September by University College Cork.

It also found that just over 40% of people surveyed have someone in their lives whose drinking impacts on them.

Over a third reported binge drinking at least monthly, according to the findings which were presented in Listowel last evening.

The Listowel Community Drugs and Alcohol Initiative also launched an alcohol strategy and plan for the area, which aims to reduce alcohol harm over the next two years.

Dr Martin Davoren of UCC says the findings aren’t unique to Listowel, and while these people aren’t alcoholics, they drink too much and their livers will suffer.

He says it would be very helpful if the Government passed the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill as soon as possible, in order to reduce alcohol consumption.