Survey of previous Waterville visitors shows three-quarters would visit once restrictions lifted

A survey of previous visitors to Waterville has found that almost three-quarters would visit the south Kerry village as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

The research was carried out by Waterville Enterprise Marketing Network through their website.

Of those who took part, 64% were from Ireland and 35% were international visitors, with 70% of them being regular visitors and 24% having visited Waterville at least once.

The survey of past visitors to Waterville found that 13% would wait for a vaccine before travelling to the south Kerry beachfront village, while 73% would as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

When it came to the perceived safety of Waterville in relation to COVID-19, 72% believe it would be easy to social distance, while 61% trust the tourism provider to protect them.

42% are confident they would be safe in pubs, while almost 44% wouldn’t be.

60% of those surveyed were assured they would be safe in restaurants, while 25% wouldn’t, and when it comes to accommodation providers; 57% would feel safe, while 29% wouldn’t.

Waterville Enterprise Marketing Network says it’s useful that a high number of respondents are from Ireland, as tourism will concentrate on the domestic market this year.

They say it’s positive to see the high numbers that would visit Waterville once travel restrictions are lifted.

They add it’ll be challenging to ensure compliance with HSE guidelines, as pubs and restaurants will find it hard to social distance and remain viable.

The group believes that safe outdoor spaces, food deliveries, take out, and creative work practices will all have to be looked at.