Surey on Land Prices show South West to be 3rd Most Expensive

The south west region is the third most expensive area to buy land in the country.A survey recently released on land prices for the first 11 months of last year shows that an average of 10,000 euro per acre was paid for land in the south west last year.The price of farm land increased by 25% last year to an average of 9,700 euro per acre in every region of the country.This figure is up from the 2002 figure of almost 7,600 per acre.However, land owners in the Munster region are better off with price s in the south western region reaching above average figures at over 10,000 euro.Smaller holdings in the 50 acre bracket sold for 9,600 euro.The amount of land sold this year around the country was down considerably on previous years.Fewer sales of forestry land and bog land were reported.There was also a strong demand from non farmer bidders for smaller parcels of land in 2003.The amount of road building and infrastructural development led to a hike in land prices in all regions.However, overall 2003 saw less land sold for more money.