Supermarket is ordered to lift ban on member of Travellling Community

A Killarney supermarket has been forced to lift a lifetime ban on a member of the Travelling Community on the grounds that it is discriminatory. However an Equality Tribunal has not awarded any compensation in the case because of the alleged behaviour of the complainant towards supermarket staff. In the case brought under the Equal Status Act, Vera O Brien from Killarney challenged a decision to bar her from Daly`s Supermarket in the town.Supermarket Manager John Daly rejected the allegation that he operated a discriminatory policy against travellers, and said that Ms O Brien had been asked to leave because of abusive and threatening behaviour towards staff, including allegedly throwing a bottle at a shop worker. An Equality Officer found that the shop was unable to provide evidence of previous incidents and that Ms O`Brien`s membership of the Traveller Community was a motivating factor in the decision to bar her. He ordered that any ban against the complainant or her immediate family be lifted. However the Officer also formed the opinion that Ms O Brien had engaged in unacceptable behaviour towards staff members and that monetary compensation was not appropriate.