Steady rise expected for house prices in 2004.

Since 1996 house prices have risen in the county by 170%. The most expensive area in Kerry to buy a house is Killarney at an average of 260,000 euro. Prices for homes in the county are set to show a steady growth this year. 8 years ago the average cost of a home in Kerry was over 67,000 euro. Last month that price had risen to 192,000 euro.However house prices are set to grow all over the county this year under the de centralization plan. The Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute predict that many public servants may wish to live in larger towns. Killarney in particular is to experience further pressure in the housing market. Nationally house prices in rural areas have increased by 20 %last year, 6% more than in the rest of the country. Recent trends show there`s a steady number of people leaving the nations capital opting to live in the country. Dublin 4 remains the most expensive area in the country.