Speculation that Star Wars may return to Kerry

There’s speculation that the makers of the new Star Wars film may be returning to Kerry to shoot new scenes. A movie website Latino-Review.com is claiming that the production team will return to Skellig Michael in November. Radio Kerry has contacted the Irish Film Board and is awaiting a comment. Skellig Latino-Review.com, which has reviewers in Los Angeles and New York, is alleging that the director of the new Star Wars VII film, JJ Abrams and his team, will be returning to Skellig Michael off the Kerry coast this November. At the end of July, the production team spent three days filming on the island which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Concerns were raised by environmentalists, including BirdWatch Ireland, which said it would have been preferable if filming could have happened when the bird breeding season was over. To facilitate the filming of the blockbuster, airspace around the island was shut down for the three days and there was also a two-mile exclusion zone which was patrolled by a naval vessel.