Southern Health Board sees rise in Para sucide numbers.

Figures released from the National Para suicide Registry shows that Para suicide has increased in the Southern Health Board area. Over 1,000 individuals were treated for Para suicide in 2002. This shows an increase of over 15 % in the number of individual cases that were treated in 2001. The second annual report of the Para suicide registry shows that 8,400 individual cases of Para suicide were registered nationally. According to the figures 200 more women were treated in Tralee General Hospital than men. The majority of females were aged between 15-19 years while the majority of men were in 30-34 year age bracket.Tralee had the lowest percentage of women in the country at under 54% of all recorded episodes. The majority of Para suicides were overdoses 341 men and 568 women used this method in the Southern Health Board area. Also one in seven of all Para suicide episodes were due to repeat acts. In Tralee General Hospital 111 men and 125 women were treated. In total 33 of those repeated Para suicide 14 men and 19 women.