Some staff at Kerry HSE centre unaware that vulnerable resident had run away

Some staff at a  Kerry centre responsible for people with special needs were unaware that  a resident had absconded from the facility. HIQA Logo small That’s according to HIQA, the health services watchdog, which has produced two reports into the HSE  facility at Ballydribeen, Killarney which cares for 28  people with intellectual disabilities. The centre’s due to close next year with the first group of residents scheduled to move into a community setting by the end of this month. The Psychiatric Nurses’ Association says more staff are needed. The Health Information and Quality Authority produced two reports based on visits to Ballydribbeen on February 26th and March 19th. The earlier report found that a number of staff weren’t aware that a vulnerable resident had absconded from the centre and had been returned by gardaí. HIQA’s follow up inspection found that the centre’s risk management policy and emergency plan remained in draft format including a policy for the management of residents at risk of running away. Inspectors weren’t satisfied that residents’  privacy was always respected and saw a staff member enter service users’ rooms without knocking. The  facility says action’s been taken on this, a residents’ advocate has been appointed and that screens are now in shared bedrooms to give occupants privacy. The reports also reveal that up to this year, there was no full-time manager at the centre. Inspectors weren’t satisfied there was sufficient planning to prepare residents for their move into a community setting and to help them develop skills such as cooking or personal hygiene. The facility says training programmes are being provided to staff in order to deal with the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.