Society and economy to start reopening from May 18th

Photo: Lorraine Teevan

The Taoiseach has set out a roadmap consisting of five phases to allow the gradual reopening of our society and economy.

From next Tuesday we may travel up to 5 kilometres from our homes for the purpose of exercise. If you’ve been cocooning, as someone who’s over 70 or who has an underlying health condition, from next Tuesday, it will be possible to go for a walk or drive up to 5 kilometres from your home.

Reopening of the economy and society will begin on May 18th.

In the first phase of the roadmap for the easing of coronavirus restrictions, Leo Varadkar said outdoor workers, including construction workers and gardeners, will be able to return to work from May 18th.

Some retail outlets such as garden centres, hardware shops and repair shops will also open from May 18th.

It’ll also be possible to meet small groups of friends and families outdoors.

However, the Taoiseach warned that we can only move from one stage to the next if we can keep coronavirus under control. The five stages to ease COVID-19 restrictions do not have specific dates. Mr Varadkar says each stage will work on two to four week cycles. He says in later stages restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas and gyms may reopen. Schools and colleges will reopen in September/October at the beginning of the academic year.