Smoky coal being banned in Killarney

Smoky coal is being banned in Killarney.

The announcement was made earlier by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton.

From next September smoky coal will be banned in thirteen more towns, including Killarney.

This means the fuel will be banned in all towns in the country with populations over 10,000.

Minister Richard Bruton said he was extending the ban based on evidence of poor air quality with seriously damaging effects in health.

Recent air quality monitoring was carried out in Cobh, Enniscorthy and Longford which exceeded World Health Organisation limits.

The minister said the government wouldn’t be proceeding with a nationwide ban on smoky coal as it carries a serious risk of illegality, unless peat, turf and wet wood were also included.

The Minister also announced that work is underway to strengthen enforcement of the current smoky coal ban; the fuel was banned in Tralee in 2003.