Slight reduction in number of fires attended to by Kerry Fire Service at start of year

There’s been a slight reduction in the number of fires attended by Kerry Fire Service at the start of the year.

The recent meeting of Tralee Municipal District saw figures released for incidents and mobilisations in Kerry in January.

When compared with the same month last year, a slight reduction in numbers overall was noted.

According to figures released by Fire Service Operations in Kerry, overall there was 67 incidents and 79 mobilisations this January, compared to 71 incidents and 81 mobilisations during the same period last year.

The fire service attended six gorse fires in January 2017 but none in January of this year.

Other fires were down also with 18 reported during the first month of 2017, compared to six in January 2018.

One malicious call was reported by Kerry Fire Service in January 2017 – there was no malicious call recorded in January of this year.