SIPTU hopeful deferral of meeting with Liebherr is a positive sign for jobs under threat

Liebherr management has sought a deferral for talks with SIPTU.

Earlier this month, Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd announced that up to 215 staff could be laid off at the Fossa plant over the next three months.

Liebherr Container Cranes, which was established in Killarney in 1958, employs over 800 staff at its base in Fossa.

The company informed SIPTU earlier this month 27 staff will be laid off by the end of June, with up to 60 to follow in July.

A further 128 jobs are under threat in August; this could bring the total number of job losses to 215, according to SIPTU.

SIPTU representatives were due to meet management today, however, the trade union says a deferral was sought by Liebherr in order to gather more information and look at order books.

SIPTU says it’s hopeful the deferral is a positive sign for its members in the Fossa plant.

The trade union and the company are currently discussing an alternative meeting date.