Sinn Féin says administrative and managerial health staff should be held accountable

Legislation should be brought in so that administrative and managerial staff can be held accountable for their actions on a statutory basis.

That’s according to the Sinn Féin spokesperson for health, Louise O’Reilly, who’s visiting Kerry to speak to groups involved in the health care sector.

Ms O’Reilly made her comments in relation to the care of an intellectually disabled young woman at a foster home in the south east.

The woman – known only as Grace –  and other children were not removed from the home despite evidence of abuse.

Louise O’Reilly says it’s disturbing that the HSE waited three years to notify gardaí about a major report into Grace’s care.


Separately, Ms O’Reilly says Sinn Féin is ready to be part of the next Government but that the party would have to have a conversation about whether it would go into power as a smaller coalition party.

She says politicians, HSE management and staff need to be held accountable for the decisions they make affecting the health service.