The following is outline of the programme on a four week cycle:

  • On the first Saturday in the month Joe McGill talks with a panel of politicians
    on the topics of the day … on a four month cycle that covers
    the four mayors of Kerry, the three north Kerry TDs, the south
    Kerry TDs and the three Munster MEPs – all in studio
  • The second Saturday is on the life and times or issues centred
    around one person … one person in studio and a great number of others
    on the telephone
  • On the third Saturday the theme is ‘self help’ – a community, a
    voluntary group, a business etc etc … speaking about things they have
    done to help themselves.
  • The last Saturday of the month Frank Lewis goes for a walk.  This could be
    around a town … in a garden … along a stretch of coastline or along a range of mountains.  Frank picks eight stopping points and records a 10 minute piece at each stop with four people from different disciplines

The focus is on telling stories.  It could be a geologist, botanist, zoologist, historian or a folklorist doing the talking!  The programme could include music, song or poetry connected to the place or the theme of the programme.