Horizons’ is a Religious and Social Affairs programme with a difference. Broadcast every Sunday morning on Radio Kerry from 9.00 – 10.00 ‘Horizons’ communicates the Christian message in the context of contemporary Irish society. It does so in a manner that is ecumenical rather than partisan, informative rather than dogmatic.

As well as supporting people in their Christian Faith, it reaches out to the growing number of people who have become distanced from their Church for whatever reason, and to those with a keen interest in the spiritual. At the same time it appeals to those with an interest in the moral fabric of society, while holding no great desire to become active members of any particular Church.

While fulfilling these needs it also informs people about events as they unfold and provide a rich source of entertainment. This ensures that the programme avoids being ghettoised and remains instead an integral part of Radio Kerry’s schedule and the community it seeks to serve.