Shortage of land in Listowel for future social housing

Listowel Town Manager is warning that the Council may have to look at engaging with private householders in the future in order to accommodate people on the housing list. John Breen has told Councillors that while the present list is moving along, there is a shortage of land in the town for future social housing developments.According to the interim housing report issued by the Town Council, there are a total of 316 applications listed on both the Kerry County Council and Listowel Town Council systems, this breaks down to 229 for Listowel and 124 for Tralee. 37 have applied to both local authorities. Figures show the demand for one bedroom houses is up on the 03 figure, and there has also been a surge for three bedroom houses.Progress is being made on the housing list, with construction nearing completion on a number of developments, including Feale drive, O Connell`s Avenue and Ballygologue. Town Manager John Breen is to meet with Respond, the voluntary housing group to ascertain when they will begin construction on their 34 houses in the town.