Shopping centre to be constructed on site of former factory

The former Radlink factory in Listowel is to be redeveloped into a shopping complex. Owner James Vaughan who bought the factory from the IDA has received permission from Listowel Town Council to construct a shopping centre on the former factory. James Vaughan says the project is expected to cost in the region of five million euro and will be completed in 2009.A number of supermarket and d.i.y. chains including Tesco and Aldi are understood to be interested in leasing a section of the property should the planning permission allow for such a move. James Vaughan says this new development will be 200,000 square ft when completed. Work is due to begin in the near future. The former radiator factory shut down in 1999 with the loss of 30 jobs. Mr Vaughan bought the factory for a figure believed to be in the region of five hundred thousand pounds. It had since remained unused by its owner.