SHB in talks with GP’s in relation to Southdoc

The Southern Health Board has confirmed it’s in talks with GPs to extend the out of hour`s medical service, Southdoc, to the north of the county. At present, Southdoc is not available in the greater Listowel/Tarbert area as doctors here have not signed up to it. Southdoc is operated as a co-operated scheme which gives a 24 hour, seven day a week service. It was rolled out in the county three years ago and according to The Southern Health Board, has scored high patient approval ratings. While Southdoc is funded by The Southern Health Board, it is organised by GP`s who work on a rota system. Doctors in the greater Listowel/Tarbert area so far have not joined the co-op. It’s understood some have not signed up because the area is close to the Limerick border and patients here can avail of a similar out of hours scheme, Shannondoc, operated in The Mid Western Health Board region. A health board spokesperson says while doctors in the area have not made a formal application to join Southdoc, they are in discussions with The Southern Health Board.