SHB denies waiting list exists for information on organ retention

The Southern Health Board is denying there are waiting lists in Kerry for people looking for information on organ retention and post mortems. The board says they do not know if the companies who retained the organs have records. Since the scandal was uncovered more than 20 hospitals including Kerry General admitted that organ retention did take place at facilities.7 queries are currently with the health board pertaining to post mortem procedures and organ retentions that were carried out in the early eighties at Tralee General. They confirmed in august that 36 pituitary glands were removed at the then Tralee General and given to Novonordisk in the 1980’s. The board said at the time no money was paid by the company for the glands. However no information can be provided to the public on queries relating to the possible removal of pituitary glands.Records were kept on post mortems but not on cases specifically related to pituitary glands. The health board says queries are manually intensive as all records relating to cases up to 30 years ago were not computerised. Its unknown if Novonordisk kept records of dealings with the facility. The board says they are dealing with all queries as quickly as possible.