Sewage discharge closed Kenmare and Templenoe for swimming

Kerry County Council has had to close two popular bathing locations in Kerry due to a discharge of raw sewage from Kenmare Waste Water treatment plant.

The effluent was discharged into the Finnihy river on Thursday.

The Kenmare Waste Water Treatment plant is located 25 metres from the southern Bank of the river Finnihy and 500 metres North of Kenmare bay – Kerry County Council put a sign up in Kenmare and Templenoe piers on Friday following the discharge of untreated effluent into the river and Kenmare Bay.

The issue was due to a technical fault at the plant although the exact nature of the fault was not outlined nor the size of the discharge.

The council arranged for tankers to take sludge and effluent from Kenmare over the weekend to the Killarney Waste Water Treatment Plant and efforts are being made to get Kenmare up and running as quickly as possible.

The Council says it’s been monitoring the water at Kenmare Pier and the situation has improved over the past few days – they are hoping to remove no swimming signs today.

The EPA have been informed and are investigating the incident. The agency carried out a site inspection of the plant in July.

There have been issues to do with capacity of the plant in recent years particularly during the busy summer months.

Irish Water is responsible for the running of the plant and has outlined plans previously to upgrade the plant.

The Finnihy River lies within the Kenmare River Special Area of conservation (SAC)