Seven Kerry drivers have learner permits for more than 25 years

Seven drivers in Kerry have had their learner permits for more than 25 years.

Information on the number of drivers holding category B licenses at the end of April has been revealed by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

A first and second learner permit usually lasts for two years, while a third and subsequent permits last for one year.

A driver applying for a third or subsequent permit must provide confirmation they’ve applied for a driving test or that they’ve failed a driving test in the past two years.

If a person takes a driving test, they’ll be given a two-year permit, while if they merely apply for a driving test, they are issued a one-year permit.

This means individuals can apply for a test and fail to turn up, allowing them to renew their permit for another year. 

Information released under the Freedom of Information Act to Newstalk shows that at the end of April, there were 7,002 drivers holding a learner permit in Kerry.

The vast majority of these have held their permit for under five years.

However, 151 have had a learner permit for 21-25 years, while seven have held a permit for over 25 years.

The Department of Transport says it’s aware there’s a large number of people on their fourth, fifth, sixth or subsequent learner permits.