Settlement offers approved for five children at Tralee Circuit Court

A nine-year-old girl has been awarded over €25,000 in damages having successfully sued Kerry County Council through her mother.

The girl, who was five at the time, sustained a cut to her forehead and psychological injuries when she fell off her bike while cycling on an uneven surface near a manhole.

She was one of a number of minors who had settlement offers approved at Tralee Circuit Court.

Five children received awards for injuries and damages sustained in accidents when Judge Tom O’Donnell approved settlement offers made to them at Tralee Circuit Court.

A five-year-old boy was awarded damages of over €26,000 for an accident that occurred when he was two years and eight months old.

The court heard he had been lifted into the air and onto the bonnet of a car that had mounted a footpath, crashing into him and his mother. The boy was very fortunate not to have suffered serious injury, the court heard.

Awards of €21,000 and €15,000 were approved for two brothers, who were aged seven and 10 at the time and were back-seat passengers in a car being driven by their father that was involved in a collision with a tractor.

The family was travelling to a soccer awards ceremony in Listowel when the accident occurred on July 5th, 2013.

A settlement offer of €10,000 was approved for a four-year-old girl who sustained psychological injuries as the result of a car accident at The Basin, Tralee, when she was 17 months old.

The court heard she was asleep in her seat at the rear of a car being driven by her grandmother that was struck from the side in a ‘nasty’ accident.