Search takes place in Dingle peninsula for man believed to have been shot during the War of Independence

A search took place in the Dingle peninsula today for the remains of a man believed to have been shot during the War of Independence.

Members of the Garda Technical Bureau attended the scene near Boolteens this morning.

It is believed Gardai were acting following detailed information provided by a local person, however, they failed to find a body.

The Garda experts attended the scene this morning and began the search for the man’s remains.

Locally the man is known as Brennan and had the nickname ‘Jacob’s Ladder’.

He was a travelling salesman from north Kerry who sold religious memorabilia.

It is understood the man was an informer and is believed to have been executed by a local division of the IRA before being buried in a shallow grave.

The information received by Gardaí was very specific and detailed which promoted the search to focus on the corner of a small field.

The dig has since concluded and no remains were found at the site.