Sacked garda who leaked confidential information to be sentenced

A sacked garda who leaked confidential police information is to be sentenced today. Daniel Tarrant of Doon, Kiskeam, Mallow, Co Cork has pleaded guilty to the unauthorised disclosure of data between December 2008 and 2009. Auction gavel Former Garda Daniel Tarrant was dismissed from the force after 27 years of police service. A confidential tip off led to the 51 year old being caught leaking information from the garda pulse system to his partner who worked in retail security. His lawyers say he was motivated by a misguided loyalty to her business wellbeing. He also admitted possessing an unregistered shotgun which was described to the court as a family heirloom he d inherited from his father. Tarrant is entitled to a pension but he won t have access to it until he is 60 years old. In the meantime he is on jobseekers allowance and volunteering at a radio station. Judge Mary Ellen Ring has indicated she is considering community service for the ex garda.