Return to Sender

‘Return to Sender’ is the story of the 1943 aircraft crash in the foothills of the Brandon Mountains in West Kerry in 1943.

The story of the documentary is based on a postcard that was on-board the aircraft which was later discovered by a local young girl Sheila Courtney (Mulcahy) and her father Jack. Sheila and her father were determined to deliver the postcard to the intended addressee and took it upon themselves to put it back together and forward the remnants of the postcard to the Mort family in Lancashire.

William Mort, a volunteer for the Royal Air Force, was a prisoner of war at the time in Java and had written the postcard to his family in Lancashire. 70 years later William Mort’s nephew Joseph found the postcard in his parents’ house. From that day he decided to discover the true story behind the postcard.

Produced by Murt Mulcahy