Retirement gratuities of Kerry councillors not yet finalised

A group that represents councillors is defending the retirement gratuities paid to former members.

According to details released under the Freedom of Information Act, 17 representatives who bowed out in May’s local elections are to get lump sums of at least 70,000 euro each.

Nationally, the highest recipients are Longford’s Luie McEntire, Louth’s Peter Savage and Laois’s David Goodwin.

Kerry County Council did not provide information relating to retirement gratuities of councillors.

A spokesperson for KCC says following the local elections of 2019, six former councillors became eligible for gratuity payments; they were Liam Purtill, John Lucid, Pat McCarthy, John Sheahan, John Joe Culloty and Tom McEllistrim.

Kerry County Council says the payments to the former members have not yet been finalised, and the council is not in a position to provide the amounts payable at this time.