Reports find two Kerry mental health units in poor physical state

Reports have found that two Kerry mental health units are in a poor physical state of repair.

That’s according to reviews by the Mental Health Commission on the Sliabh Mis Mental Health Admission Unit, Tralee and the O’Connor Unit at St Finan’s Hospital, Killarney.

An unannounced inspection on the 14th of April 2016 at the Sliabh Mis Mental Health Admission Unit at University Hospital found the unit wasn’t kept in a good state of repair externally and internally.

Bathrooms and shower rooms weren’t adequately ventilated resulting in unpleasant odours; the four-bed female dormitory had a hole in one of the ceiling tiles through which piping was visible; and the wall outside the six-bed male dormitory was damaged and the corridor walls were in need of repair and redecorating.

The centre didn’t provide age-appropriate facilities for children so was unsuitable for their admission, and all belongings and personal effects residents brought to the centre weren’t recorded.
An unannounced inspection was carried out at the O’Connor Unit in St Finan’s Hospital, Killarney on the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th of October 2016.

The premises wasn’t clean and maintained in good decorative condition, floors were badly stained, paint was peeling, plaster was tearing away from the walls, toilets and sinks were unclean, the curtain hooks and rails were dirty and rusty, and the furnishings were old and torn.

The sluice room wasn’t adequately ventilated; the ceiling slabs in the residents’ dormitory were at risk of falling, and bags of dirty laundry were stored on the floor of the sluice room in pools of water.