Report finds no curlew chicks reared in important Kerry breeding range

A new report has found that no curlew chicks were reared in an important Kerry breeding range.

That’s according to the Curlew Conservation Programme Annual Report 2018, produced by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

It shows that much work was undertaken during the year in promoting the importance of preserving the endangered species in the Stack’s Mountains.

The NPWS report states that the second year of the Curlew Conservation Programme saw direct efforts in seven areas across the country including the Stack’s Mountains in North Kerry.

They say this important and most southerly breeding range had favourable curlew breeding productivity in 2017, but in 2018, no chicks were reared.

The number of pairs recorded, at six, remained similar to that recorded in 2017.

Various events around the country were organised by the Curlew Conservation Programme for World Curlew Day on the 21st of April.

This included a gathering in the Stack’s Mountains, bringing together hundreds of school children and teachers to learn about the curlew and the importance of the local area.

The events included raising the Curlew flag, an illustrated talk on the Curlew and other birds of the Stack’s Mountains, an awards ceremony for art and short story competitions, and the Curlew Cup, a Gaelic Football competition.