Report finds Kerry mental health unit non-compliant in 15 areas during inspection

A report has found that a Kerry mental health unit was non-compliant in 15 areas during a recent inspection.

The Mental Health Commission carried out the unannounced annual inspection at the Sliabh Mis unit at University Hospital Kerry from the 20th to 23rd of June this year.

Of 37 areas of compliance, the unit was found to be meeting the required standard in 21.

Cormac Williams of the Psychiatric Nurses’ Association says the report underlines the urgent need to open a four bed high observation unit which was completed two years ago.

The Sliabh Mis Mental Health Admission Unit at University Hospital Kerry had 35 residents at the time of inspection, despite only being registered to provide services to 34.

It was found not to be meeting the required standards in 15 of 37 areas of compliance.

The approved centre has a high-risk rating in four areas found to be non-compliant, including
risk management procedures, the use of seclusion, and the admission of children – the centre is adult approved and isn’t suitable for the admission of children.

An action plan setting out what needs to be done and specific timeframes were also included in the Mental Health Commission report.