Rents in Kerry rise by nearly 9% in one year

Rents in Kerry have risen by nearly 9% in one year.

According to the latest Rental Report, the average monthly rent in Kerry is over €760.

The latest quarterly report analyses recent trends in the Irish rental market.

Rents rose nationwide by an average of 12.4% in the twelve months to June 2018, however, the increase in Kerry was just under 9%.

The average cost of a 1-bed apartment in Kerry now stands at over €520, a two-bed home costs €614, while a 3-bed home costs an average of nearly €720.

Rent on a 4-bedroom home costs just under €800, while a 5-bedroom home costs €870.

The report also shows that the ratio between rent and the value of the property is increasing; on average, rent for a 3-bedroom property in Kerry is 7.1% of the overall value.

This represents an increase of 0.4% from June 2017.