Reaction to Repeal: Kerry votes to repeal the Eighth Amendment

Kerry has voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

The final result was announced by Returning Officer Padraig Burke at around 4.30pm, with 58.3% in favour of Yes and 41.7% No.

The total turnout in Kerry was 62.4% – up from an average 58% in for the Same Sex Marriage Referendum (57.21% in Kerry North West Limerick and 58.19% in Kerry South).

There were 209 invalid ballot papers out of a total of 69,345; leaving the total valid poll at 69,136.

Over 40,000 (40,285) people voted Yes in Kerry, and almost 29,000 (28,851) No, according to Returning Officer Padraig Burke.


Paula Dennan, Convenor of Kerry Together for Yes, says the vote bares out what they were hearing on the doorsteps.


Kerry Fine Gael Senator Paul Coghlan, who campaigned for a No vote, says it’s now up to legislators.