Quality of one Kerry beach has deteriorated due to E. coli

The quality of one Kerry beach has deteriorated due to E. coli.

It’s still, however, meeting minimum standards for water quality and is deemed good, while the rest of Kerry’s bathing waters are classed as excellent.

That’s according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Bathing Water Quality in Ireland report for 2017.

Fourteen of the 15 identified bathing waters in Kerry were deemed to be in excellent condition last year.

Inny Strand in Waterville, however, dropped from excellent to good due to one high E. coli sample in September 2017; this was out of a total of 12 samples.

Overall, the EPA says beaches in Kerry appear to be relatively unaffected by pollution impacts.

Of the other Kerry waters monitored by Kerry County Council, five of the six are classed as excellent, with Derrymore deemed good.

Nationally, seven beaches failed to meet minimum standards for water quality; they’re all in Dublin and Galway.