Quality assurance on audit of UHK scans to be complete by end of month

The HSE says it’s hoped quality assurance on an audit of over 46,000 scans from University Hospital Kerry and the recall of patients will be complete by the end of the month.

An update was given at the recent Southern Regional Health Forum following requests from Cllrs John Joe Culloty and Damian Quigg.

During last July and August three serious reportable events were brought to the attention of University Hospital Kerry management relating to a consultant radiologist who is no longer working at the facility.

This lead to a look-back investigation of 46,235 images reported on by the radiologist between March 2016 and last July; all scans were audited by February 22nd.

Almost 370 patients have been recalled for re-imaging; eleven patients with diagnostic errors have been identified.

A quality assurance process on both the audit and the recall of patients is underway and is expected to be complete by the end of this month.

Once everyone affected has been reviewed, written to and, if necessary, their care transferred to the appropriate service a detailed report will be prepared.

Individual investigations are also ongoing with patients seriously impacted by the errors.

The HSE says a dedicated helpline received around 660 calls.