Puck Fair to attract over 80,000 visitors

2013 Puck One of Ireland’s oldest festivals begins in Killorglin today. Puck Fair begins today and will last until Tuesday. The fair generates up to €10m annually for the local economy with tens of thousands of people visiting Killorglin. The first recorded mention of the Fair come from 1613 when King James I issued a charter recognising the Fair’s legal status. Puck hosts a horse fair, fair day and the scattering. On the evening of the first day of the fair, the Gathering, the captured goat is crowned by the Puck Queen and lifted onto a high platform in the centre of the town. Organisers of the event have come in for criticism from animal welfare groups who say the act of hoisting and confining the animal in a small cage for three days and three nights over loud music and noisy crowds terrifies the animal. The Puck Fair committee says the animal is inspected thoroughly by a vet who issues a certificate of good health. On the last day King Puck is then released back into the wild. It’s expected that over 80,000 people will visit the town over the three days.