Protestors to take further action against gas an oil exploration off Kerry coast

Protesters from the Dingle Extinction Rebellion Group have warned that they will be taking further action following the announcement of gas and oil exploration off the coast of Kerry.
Thirty protesters from the Green Party and the Extinction Rebellion Group gathered outside Kerry International Airport today in response to the announcement.
Their aim was to start a grassroots campaign in order to expand their group in opposition of the exploration work by CNOOC International on the floating rig in the Atlantic Ocean.
It’s claimed that hundreds of jobs would be created in Kerry if gas and oil exploration off the south west coast is successful.
However Luke Eastwood, a spokesperson for the Dingle Extinction Rebellion Group, says the exploration will not generate local jobs as Irish people do not have the skillset required for oil drilling and that the project would be extremely harmful to the environment.
The group says the government should be focussing on wind and wave energy which will generate a higher tax revenue, according to him.
The protest was organised by Keep it in the Ground with another being planned within the next two weeks.