Deer cull protest taking place at Killarney National Park

A peaceful protest was due to be held at Killarney National Park this morning, the first day of two planned deer culls by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Sections of the park are closed to the public today as part of this limited cull; the second will be held on Wednesday March 11th.

Ted Cronin who ran as a candidate in the recent general election, told Radio Kerry he and other members of the Party for Animal Welfare, planned to protest against the action from 7am this morning.

The Tralee man claims there are alternatives ways of tackling the deer problem, including better fencing and transporting the deer to other parts of the country.

This morning’s cull began in the vicinity of Knockreer at 6.30am and will continue to 11.30am.

Knockreer Demesne, Knockreer, Reen, Prospect, Ballydowney and Belleview are closed to all public access for safety reasons.