Protest at Dingle Harbour

Dingle blockade/ Fishermen

Fishermen are holding a protest in Dingle Harbour after a Spanish fishing boat tried to land there.

A spokesperson has told Radio Kerry News that they will continue their protest overnight.

Last month, blockades were held in Dingle and Castletownbere ports to prevent French and Spanish boats from docking.

Protestors said they were concerned over the spread of coronavirus and alleged that occupants on foreign vessels had not complied with social distancing guidelines.

However, last month’s protests were condemned by the country’s largest fishing organisations which said the blockades were unnecessary, alarmist and would only serve to damage the Irish fishing industry in the long run.

The fishing organisations said extremely strict and enhanced conditions apply with regard to movement of crew in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month, Marine Minister Michael Creed said it was critically important to maintain EU fisheries and food supply lines guided by the advice of medical professionals.

He said his department had prepared a dedicated information notice which had been circulated to the fishing industry and harbour masters.

These included having separate designated landing zones which all crew will remain in during the landing period; provisions for the vessel will be delivered to this zone.