Proposed design to improve health and safety on Killarney road to be completed by end of month

Kerry County Council says a design to improve health and safety on one of the busiest roads in the town of Killarney will be completed by the end of the month.

A deputation of residents from Woodlawn Road, Ballycasheen today renewed their calls for effective speed ramps and a pedestrian crossing on the road at a meeting of Killarney Municipal District.

“The last thing we want to see is a white coffin going down our road” – the words of Woodlawn Road resident Terence McGough to local authority management and councillors this morning.

Mr McGough said the existing speed ramps are like going over a sod of grass and can be driven over at 50 kmph and at least 30 coaches a week use the road in a residential area.

He said the solution would be to install a raised platform speed ramp along with a pedestrian crossing for children accessing the Killarney Athletic Football ground and St Oliver’s National School.

A letter submitted to the meeting from Michael O’Shea of Killarney Athletic also called for measures to be implemented for the health and safety of its over 300 members.

Senior Executive Engineer with Kerry County Council Paul Neary told the meeting they have a week’s worth of traffic data from the road, which they are currently analysing.

He said they will have a design completed by the end of this month and this may have to be put out for public consultation depending on the works needed.

Councillors offered to cover the cost of the work by using their allocations.