Proposed bus and car park in Killarney gets the green light

A proposal to construct a bus and car park in Killarney has received the backing of municipal district members.

The proposed works comprise the construction of a bus and car park and the reconstruction of existing walls on Rock Road, Coollegrean, Killarney.

Following a period of public consultation, Kerry County Council received eight submissions on the proposed parking facilities.

Submissions and concerns for the works on Rock Road, which will have 84 car and 27 bus parking spaces, were discussed at length by the members of the Killarney Municipal District.

Of the eight submissions received, most were in support of the project.

However, concerns were voiced about the potential effect the proposed works may have on traffic flow on both Rock Road and in other parts of Killarney.

All councillors welcomed the provision of extra parking, however, a number asked that the project doesn’t mean all hopes of a multi-storey carpark in the town are now put on the back burner.

Following a vote, all members of the Killarney Municipal District approved the Part 8 for the construction of the car and bus park on Rock Road.

It’s hoped to have the parking facilities operational for the coming summer season.