Proposals on future of Sports Complex to go before Town Council

Proposals on the future operation of the Sports and Leisure Complex at Tralee are to be brought before the Town Council later. SWS Corporate Services have been preparing a plan on the issue for the members. It`s likely to contain proposals for developing the services and also ways of managing the three quarters of a million euro debt.The complex is owned jointly by the council and the education service but new legislation means the education board has to withdraw from the project. The two agencies spent last summer wrangling over who has responsibility for the three quarters of a million euro debt at the complex. The debts arose after a huge four and a half million euro refurbishment of the swimming pool. Since the facility reopened in July the shortfall has been reduced and the council feels that with a co ordinated approach to the future the complex can operate on a break even basis or even make a profit. The consultants will outline options for the future. In making their decision the members will be keen to ensure the project does not end up costing the local authority money.