Property prices in Kerry up 8% over past 12 months

Property prices in Kerry are up 8% over the past 12 months, with a rise of 6% expected in 2018.

The average price of a three-bed semi-detached in a town in Kerry last year was €160,000, with prices expected to reach €170,000 before year end.

Nationwide, house prices increased by an average of 9 per cent across the country in the past year.

Mark Keenan, Residential Property Editor with the Irish Independent, outlines the county-wide increase.


Mark Keenan says the town of Killarney is quite different to the rest of the county when it comes to property prices.

The price of a three-bed semi-detached home in the town reached €265,000, representing an increase of 6% on the previous 12 months.

He says many returning immigrants are outbidding locals in the town.