Probation Act for Abbeydorney man found drinking champagne after slashing neighbour’s tyres

An Abbeydorney man who was found drinking champagne after slashing his neighbour’s tyres, has been given the benefit of the Probation Act.

43-year-old Kelvyn Coyne of Drumcunnig, Abbeydorney was before Tralee Circuit Criminal Court.

He had pleaded guilty to this and another incident; they had occurred in June and July 2015.
On the first occasion, Kelvyn Coyne entered his neighbour’s property with a lump hammer and damaged a garage door and motorcycle; a month later the property owner woke at 5am to find her car tyres slashed.

When Gardaí arrived, they found Kelvyn Coyne on the road walking out of Abbeydorney, drunk and drinking a bottle of champagne and wearing latex gloves.

He appeared before Tralee Circuit Criminal Court where his Senior Counsel Brian McInerney said Mr Coyne had €400 in court, and in total had now paid over €1,500 damages, and hasn’t been in trouble since.

Judge Tom O’Donnell said that in light of full compensation being paid, he would give Mr Coyne the benefit of the Probation Act.

He also ordered him to enter into a bond to be of good behaviour for 12 months.